Types of visas

For those who seriously thought about moving to Italy and looking for suitable ways to formalize it legally.

Types of residence permits and who has the right to receive them:


- Lavoro subordintao: Wage labor - Issued to foreign nationals contracting for work in Italy.

- Lavoro Autonomo: Entrepreneurial activity - It is issued for the opening of an enterprise and independent work activity.

- Asilo Politico: Political asylum is based on persecution in the homeland for political, racial, religious or social reasons.

- Ricongiungimento Familiare- It is issued on the basis of reunification with minor children and parents.

- Motivi familiari - on the basis of marriage with an Italian citizen.

- Affari: Business - Issued to conduct business in Italy to representatives of foreign companies on the basis of a business visa.

- Studio: Study - It is issued on the basis of a study visa and entry to the training course.

- Cure Mediche / Salute: Medical treatment - Issued on the basis of documented need for treatment in Italy, prohibits the implementation of any work activity.

For each of the listed types, there is a package of documents that must be submitted to submit a request to the Italian Consulate in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

We will help you to get any of these residency permits, based on the prerequisites that you have