Student visa

Let's talk about the most popular way of moving to Italy:

Study !! Student visa! The residence permit on the basis of studies in Italy!

What you need for admission and relocation:

- Have at least 12 years of education, documented. It should be a school certificate (10 years) and a certificate of an unfinished VO, or a lyceum diploma, or a university degree diploma.

The diploma should be legalized in the Italian consulate in Russia.

About how to do this, we will tell in person or help you to pass this simple procedure together.

- Another important point, the student must know the Italian language, at least at the level of the beginner, because if you do not have a CILS certificate, then you will have to take an exam on Italian, which in all universities is different. Some departments have specialties with teaching in English.

If the independent study of the Italian language is given to you with difficulty, you can advise you to apply for an annual course of the Italian language.

Thus, you will have a basis for obtaining residence permits for a period of 1 year.

In the future, with our help, you can transform it into a residence permit on the basis of an employment contract that will give you the opportunity of official employment and medical support.

- It is very important to have a financial base at least for the first half of the year-year. It will be necessary to provide confirmation of your financial solvency within the minimum level of residence in Italy.

Not difficult, if you know how!

We help, advise, advise!